zaterdag 21 januari 2012

Test for colorscheme Gerbera Tetra

Wanna try something new.. this time i'm gonna choosed for a "cammo pattern" paintjob
I has to be a little bit orginal and a pattern that I haven't seen before on gundam is the hex pattern.
So i search the internet for a good image of the pattern.

After i found a good image I printed it on glossy photopaper. Now a got a template! Why photopaper? b'cause the masking tape will be easier to remove.

To make a test spray,I used a plastic spoon. Primed it, then did a glossy black coat and after that I gave it a chrome coat. Applied a random hex pattern. Also did some shading in this stage (not on pics)

Sprayed the clear coat! In my chase blue!
 Remove the masking tape and almost done. Thinking to apply another clearblue coat on the edges of the pattern so it will nicely fade in /out

vrijdag 20 januari 2012

LED Thruster!

Got some new light up thruster for my Gerbera Tetra!

Also modified the big thruster with a led