donderdag 9 december 2010

Flipmeisters Introduction


Let's introduce myself!
I'm just an average guy who likes to build models especially gundammodels.It all started years ago with simple kits like airplanes and cars,but when I got older the interest faded away. Untill I bumped into a HG gundamkit at a local toystore,never heard about gundam/mobile suits.But in my eyes it looked like a cool robot! And reminded me of the Transfomers,Macron one stuff like that.So I bought the kit without knowing
the japanese TV-series.From then I was hooked on building gundammodels.

In the beginning my gundam collection didn't grow that fast because in my country the are hard to get. My local shop was miles away.Never thought about getting them online.After some searchwork on the net I found a reliable Dutch internetsite for ordering gundams.

The last years my collection ( from SD to HG or from MG to PG) really expanded and so my buildingskills. First I only assembled the kit straight out of the box. But nowadays I give all the new kits a full paintjob.

And on this blog I just wanna show some of my stuff and some Work In Progress.

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