dinsdag 30 augustus 2011

Sazabi WIP 8

Airbrush...handpaint...airbrush... topcoat.....airbrush...handpaint...and airbruhzzz .....zzzzz  zzzz
Okay here some piczz..zzzz

Now the really hard part almost finished painting all the parts of the base. It's time to wire this fellow..
Studied the electric diagram for a while and it looks pretty simple because every thing is numbered and colored.So it shouldn't be that difficult.The thing that I'm most concerned about is how to fit all the wires in the model.

Okay let get started...got myself a new soldering iron for this model.
(Btw I have never build a gundammodel with so many electric parts so finger crossed)

 At this moment I was really worried if it will fit together...

 When soldering i proteced the model with aluminiumfoil. Just in case...

 After one hour of soldering I finally got it ready

 And yes it fits!!!...but will it work..can't answer that yet....

 And some details!

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