woensdag 24 augustus 2011

Sazabi WIP

Time to fit the electric servo motors

The first motor is for opening the chest (blue) and the panels on the both sides,by moving back and forward. This motor only work in combination with the moving sensor (so won't work manually)

The second servo-motor (right on top of the first one) is for turning the hed left and right. There's one pin (A) that move sideways,the center of the neckjoint (B) lies behind the servo itself. The blue part connect both pins. 

Everything seems perfect alligned
So i secured the two servo-motors with it's "neckbase" locked up by pinning the sides.

Next small problem the right side panel (pic) didn't fit properly (red arrows) because of the servomotor.There was only one way to install the motor so i couldn't move it either.

Found out i had to cut just a little piece off the servo to make the panel fit. Nothing special

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